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Arizona Auto License Services offers a wide range of automobile services to drivers in the state of Arizona.  We are an authorized third party provider for the Motor Vehicle Service system. The staff at our company can help with your auto license issues in a swift and efficient manner. We provide numerous title, registration and insurance services so that you can have a safe and stress-free driving experience in Arizona.  While several of our services are free, a convenience fee may apply for some transactions.

Title Transfers

According to Arizona state law, you have 15 days to apply for a title after purchasing a vehicle. Law also requires that the seller’s signature is present and notarized on the title.  Arizona law requires that the seller's signature is present, although the seller does not have to be present if the title is already notarized. If you are new to the state of Arizona, you must change your title and registration when you become an Arizona resident.

Out-of-State Title and Registration

At Arizona Auto License Services, we are authorized to perform Level 1 Inspections.  Level 1 Inspections are available both on and off-site by appointment, please call 602-548-8990 to schedule your appointment.  We can also notarize your new state title once the Level 1 Inspection has been completed.


Are you in need of an Arizona state registration? The qualified staff at Arizona Auto License Services can ensure that you receive a proper state registration for your vehicle.  Arizona Auto License Services can also assist drivers with registration renewal for their vehicles.

Registration Renewal

Arizona Auto License Services can also assist drivers with registration renewal for their vehicles.

Insurance Verification

At Arizona Auto License Services, we understand how important auto insurance is for any driver.  We can verify that your auto insurance is on file with Motor Vehicle Service system.  Our qualified employees can also provide you with competitive insurance quotes free of charge!

SR-22 Financial Responsibility

If a driver in Arizona has been caught without insurance they might receive a suspension for their driver's license or registration.  To reinstate the license or registration, drivers have to file an SR-22 Financial Responsibility form with an insurance company and must keep it for 3 years.  Our company can help drivers clear a suspension with the purchase of approved insurance that provides the SR-22 form required.

Automobile Plates

We are able to issue plates for your vehicle right over the counter. We can also issue special plates, disability plates and placards and order personalized plates for you.


Non-Probate Affidavits

  • Arizona Auto License Services can assist those attempting to obtain a title to the vehicle of an Arizona decedent.

Repossession Affidavit

  • We can help those with vehicles that have been repossessed.

Power of Attorney

  • When applying for an Arizona title, all applicants listed must have their signature present. We accept a notarized power of attorney to allow an appointed person to sign on behalf of the owners.

Bill of Sale

  • We can assist those who are selling their vehicles with the proper Motor Vehicle Service system Bill of Sale form.

Sold Notice

  • When you sell your vehicle or transfer ownership in Arizona, you must submit a Sold Notice to the Motor Vehicle Service system. We can assist you with the form and make sure that the Motor Vehicle Service system receives it.


Arizona Auto License Services can assist you in obtaining 3 day permits, 30 day permits, 90 day permits or non-resident permits for your vehicle.

Bond Title Process

Those who need to apply for a bonded title can visit us to obtain a vehicle inspection. We will walk you through the bond title process, which may include bond affidavits, bond inspections, title and lien search, certified letters and surety bonds.


Our qualified staff can assist you with all of your duplicate needs, including duplicate licenses, duplicate IDs, duplicate titles and duplicate registrations.

Mobile Homes

We can help those who own mobile homes with their Motor Vehicle Service system mobile home fees.

Motor Vehicle Records

Our Arizona auto license company can provide you with motor vehicle records, such as a 39 month report or a five year report.

Disability Plates

Our staff at Arizona Auto License Services can assist drivers with disability plates and placards.

O.H.V. Tags

Effective January 1, 2009, all Off-Highway Vehicles will require the new OHV Tag.  We issue these tags in minutes

Address Change

We can also assist drivers with Arizona Motor Vehicle Service system change of address forms.

For more information about our store services, contact Arizona Auto License Services today.


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