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We provide full service driver license, child ID, motor vehicle registration, vehicle title services and more..

For a nominal service fee, you’ll leave one of our locations with a new driver license, child ID, vehicle title, car registration, special license plate, off-highway vehicle tags, travel trailer or motor home title & registration, tag for a renewed registration, etc. We complete the forms and paperwork so it easy for you to complete your transactions.
Below is a list of other motor vehicle services we provide.

Affidavit Of Affixtures

We are authorized to complete the affidavit of affixture process when a mobile home is being permanently affixed to real property.

Abandoned Vehicle Inspection & Processing

Arizona Auto License Service can help you with the abandoned vehicle that’s been left on your property. We are authorized to perform the necessary abandoned inspection.

Bonded Titles

If you have purchased a trailer, boat trailer, All Terrain Vehicle, Motorcycle, old project vehicle, with no title, we can help you through the entire process and make it easy. Many states do not title trailers, and some vehicles so we can help with those situations as well.

Non-Operating Vehicles

When you are ready to start working on that project vehicle, be sure you check with us to see if an inspection or other steps may need to be completed, before you tow the vehicle to the shop and start investing money in improvements.

Insurance Verification

At Arizona Auto License Services, we understand how important auto insurance is for any driver. We can verify that your auto insurance is on file with Motor Vehicle Service system. Our qualified employees can also provide you with competitive insurance quotes free of charge!

Vehicle & Trailer Plates

We are able to issue plates for your vehicle right over the counter. We can also issue special plates, disability plates and placards and order personalized plates for you.

Motor Vehicle Records

We can provide you with motor vehicle records, such as a 39 month report or a five year report.

Address Change

Arizona law requires all driver license and identification card holders to report any change of address to MVD within 10 days. If you have vehicles registered in Arizona, and are not a permanent resident, please visit us to update your Customer ID for your vehicles.

For more information about our store services, contact Arizona Auto License Services today.