10 Fun Arizona Facts

10 Fun Arizona Facts

Since the 1950s, the population of Arizona has been steadily rising. And who can blame the newcomers? With natural beauty from the Grand Canyon and vast desserts to mild winters and no shortage of national forests, Arizona boasts the best of both worlds. As migrant workers and city folk make the great escape to our amazing state, a lot is changing at a fast pace.

Check out our list of 10 fun Arizona facts you may not even know have a huge impact on the state’s economy. You might just be surprised at what you learn.

10 Fun Arizona Facts

1. 7 million vehicles pass through the Phoenix Metro area every month.

In 2018, Phoenix was ranked the 25th-most congested city in the U.S. with an average of 46 minutes spent behind the wheel during rush hour. As the city’s population increases, so might your commute to work if you live in the area.


2. More than 300,000 people obtained an Arizona Driver’s License last year.

Due to the state’s job opportunities, retirement lifestyles and economic factors, Arizona has earned its rank as one of the top moving destinations (peaking at number three in 2019) over the past few years. Could this be the reason for such a high surge in Arizona Driver’s Licenses?


3. 7,000 lane miles are maintained by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

ADOT also maintains about 26,619 striping miles, which requires 238,250 gallons of paint. That’s a lot of paint!


4. The number of vehicles registered in the state of Arizona decreased in 2020 compared to 2019.

While Arizona may be steadily gaining new residents, it seems as though there was a drop in vehicle sales and registration renewals. The number of vehicles registered in the state of Arizona decreased by nearly 35,000. This significant drop could be due to the pandemic’s effect on the economy.


5. Arizona residents registered more than 5,000 alternate fuel vehicles and nearly 10,000 electric vehicles in 2020.

An alternate fuel vehicle is one that is powered by alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen and solar power. Last year, many Arizona residents opted to go green by registering a record number of alternate fuel vehicles. The increasing popularity of electric car brands such as Tesla has definitely made an impact.

Alternate fuel and electric vehicles registered in Arizona are eligible for a reduced vehicle license tax, have HOV freeway lane privileges and are exempt from all emissions testing requirements. Consider going green with your next vehicle purchase and you might just save more money in the long run!


6. More than 180 million vehicular miles were traveled daily back in 2018.

The most traveled roadways were arterials ones with more than 77.2 million vehicular miles traveled.


7. The Arizona Department of Transportation served more than 2.5 million customers and made more than 15 million transactions by the end of 2020.

There’s no doubt that Arizonans kept ADOT busy last year. While ADOT saw a $2 million decrease in field office transactions, online transactions went up by almost the same number.

Interestingly enough, authorized third parties like AZ Auto also saw a significant increase in transactions last year with a total of $632 million in collected revenue. That’s a lot of customers served!


8. ADOT spent 118 days plowing snow last year.

Although winters in Arizona tend to be mild, ADOT was responsible for plowing snow off the roadways for nearly a third of the year.


9. In 2020 alone, ADOT collected more than a whopping $1.6 billion in revenue.

The revenue collected includes all transactions made through the ADOT from vehicle registration to vehicle license taxes to gas tax. This revenue is generally put back towards the state in the form of budgets to improve and expand highways and road repairs. Hopefully, this means we won’t see too much disruption in traffic with more and more newcomers flocking towards Arizona.


10. ADOT manages a K-9 unit of five police dogs.

ADOT K-9 officers are trained to intervene in situations involving illegal money, drugs and human trafficking. One of the largest drug seizures happened in Mohave County where 1,100 lbs. of illegal drugs were seized.

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*All facts were reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation unless otherwise stated.