4 Things to Consider When Buying a Car from a Private Party

Are you thinking about buying a pre-owned car? There are four main items to consider before, during and after the process. This list will help you determine which vehicle is not only right for you, but it will also help you make sure you take care of important items when purchasing as well.

#1: Budget

Your budget is the top factor in what to consider when buying a pre-owned car. Why? Because you can’t buy what you can’t afford. Having a clear budget in place before you begin shopping will also help you quickly narrow down what’s in your price range, so that you can keep the focus where it should be – finding the perfect car for you.

#2: Vehicle History

When you’re buying used, once you’ve found a contender for your perfect vehicle, it’s important to know the vehicle’s history. Has it been involved in a wreck before? Does it have a salvage title? What, if any, were the previous damages and how were they fixed? CARFAX offers comprehensive vehicle history reports detailing whether an auto has been involved in an accident, has any open recalls, previous owners, service history and more.

Maintenance records can also be extremely helpful when buying a used car. By seeing how well your potential new-to-you vehicle was taken care of, it can help provide a better estimate of how well the vehicle will perform and hold up for you over time. You’ll also need to know if the VIN number on the title matches the vehicle.

Want to know how to locate the VIN number?

#3 Insurance

Insurance is important to consider when buying a pre-owned car because it will increase the amount you pay every month for your auto. Give your insurance agent a call with the VIN number, and they should be able to provide you with a quote for the cost to insure that vehicle.

#4 Car Registration, Title & Plates

In order to legally drive your new ride, you may need to get a permit until it is registered in your name, as well as transfer the title from the previous owner and get your new plates.

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Be sure the seller’s signature on your Arizona title is notarized properly as is required in the state of Arizona. Any crossouts or handwritten errors will cause the title to be VOID. You’ll also want to double-check to make sure the odometer reading is correct if it’s written on the title.

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