Arizona Child IDs Protect State’s Youth from Identity Theft

baby child

Identity theft has become extremely common in today’s society. With constant breaches of security occurring at major corporations and the increased risk of fraud in online transactions, identity theft isn’t something anyone can take lightly anymore. But did you know that your child could be at risk of identity theft – even if they were just born?

Blank Slate Social Security Records Provide an Easy Target for Identity Thieves

Although it may be years before your child is driving or signing their name on their first auto loan, their identity could be stolen as early as just a few days old. In fact, more than 1 million children were victims of identity theft in 2017 alone. And untangling identity theft of a minor is just as difficult as it is for adults. The mere fact that they are a child has little bearing on the case.

Arizona’s Child IDs Seek to Protect Innocent Youth

Child IDs provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation are designed to provide your child with increased protection against identity theft, and they are available to children of all ages. Yes, that includes newborns as well.

Child IDs in Arizona Offer Further Benefits Beyond Identity Theft Protection

While protecting your child from identity theft is a great benefit of getting them a Child ID, there are several other benefits to obtaining an ID card as soon as possible.

Rapid Distribution of Your Child’s Information in the Event of an Amber Alert

If there’s ever a need to issue an Amber Alert for your child, and your child has been issued an Arizona Child ID, law enforcement agencies will be able to rapidly distribute your child’s information along with the photo from their ID. With up to 2,000 children reported missing every day, one simple ID card can bring a large amount of peace of mind.

Creating Ease for Travel and Activities

When your child has an Arizona Child ID, it can make it much easier for them to travel, enroll in school, or participate in activities. It can also expedite the process when they are old enough to get their driver’s license.

Where to Get Your Child an Arizona Child ID

AZ Auto has several locations with extended hours for your convenience. We’re open evenings and Saturdays to ensure you’re able to obtain your Child ID when it’s most convenient for you.

Find the AZ Auto nearest you.

What You’ll Need to Bring

In order to have a Child ID issued, you’ll need to bring a few things with you.

  • A primary form of documentation for your child such as a Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, or Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood (Original or certified copy)
  • Your child’s social security number
  • A secondary form of documentation – Original Social Security Card with number or
  • Proof of child’s Arizona residency (Document with child’s name and address issued by a business or organization or government agency)

As your child grows and changes, you’ll want to make sure you get their Child ID updated.

Please note: those receiving Federal Supplemental Security Income disability checks may qualify for a free card based on eligibility.