Top Tips about Teen Driving this School Year

It can be liberating for the whole family when a teenage son or daughter finally gets their license. Here are some things you and the young drivers in your family should keep in mind.

Insurance Implications of Road Tripping with the Whole Family

Road tripping with the whole family creates memories that last a lifetime. It can also introduce some risks and unexpected events that don’t usually occur on shorter, familiar drives like your commute to work.

What to Discuss in Your Annual Car Insurance Review

When was the last time you contacted your insurance company? Drivers should schedule a conversation to review their auto insurance policy once a year – or more to get the policy that reflects their changing circumstances.

Tips for Saving at the Pump

When times are tough, it helps to get informed. Even making one or two small, practical changes may be able to shave a few dollars off your gas budget.

Commercial Driving Laws: How Are They Different?

While driving laws apply to everyone, there are some differences to keep in mind if your job requires driving outside of your commute.

Syncing Your Phone and Your Car: Good or Bad?

Most new cars today allow for some form of phone syncing, enabling drivers to connect their phones to their cars. Whether to sync your phone is up to you.

Helpful Resources about Local Arizona Roads

Countless online resources are dedicated to showcasing road trip destinations, the most scenic routes, and highway travel within the state of Arizona.

What You Need to Know About Electric Cars

As electric cars become more mainstream, many drivers are trying to find out what owning one would mean for them. If you’re exploring your options, here are some helpful considerations to make before investing in an electric vehicle.

8 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Care

The cost of good auto care does add up. Fortunately, there are many ways to rein in those costs, starting with how you drive.

Interested in a Salvage Vehicle? What You Should Know

While the salvage vehicle designation would be a deal-breaker for many car buyers, others view them as an opportunity to score a deal and save on money.