Deadline to Get An Arizona Travel ID Extended to 2021


UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the October 1, 2020 deadline for Arizonans to get their Arizona Travel ID has been extended to next year, October 1, 2021 .

Arizona Travel IDs Are Not Required, but Recommended

You are not required by law to obtain an Arizona Travel ID, but it is highly recommended. After the October deadline, your driver’s license or personal identification card will read “Not for Federal Identification”, meaning that it is not REAL ID compliant.

This means you will no longer be able to pass TSA security checkpoints at the airport to fly domestically using your regular driver’s license. You will need an Arizona Travel ID or to bring your up-to-date passport (or other TSA-approved ID), which is less convenient when travelling and more expensive to obtain.

Ensure Easy Access to Domestic Travel, Even If You Don’t Typically Fly

Even if you aren’t planning any future travel plans or you aren’t a frequent vacationer, AZ Auto License Services still recommends getting your Arizona Travel ID. The fact is you can’t predict the future and if you have an emergency that requires last minute travel plans, having your Arizona Travel ID becomes a necessity.

Access to Federal Facilities

Federal facilities that currently require identification upon entrance will also be requiring a REAL ID compliant ID card or license (or other acceptable forms of identification, such as a passport), as well as military bases and nuclear power plants. Federal buildings that do not currently require ID checks, such as museums, post offices, and benefits offices, will not be enforcing this requirement.

Visit AZ Auto to Get Your Arizona Travel ID Now – No Appointment Needed

AZ Auto is an Arizona ADOT MVD Authorized Third Party location and as such, we are authorized to provide legal license services, including your Arizona Travel ID. Getting your AZ Travel ID with us is fast and easy.

No appointment is needed, just walk into a location convenient for you. We are open evenings and weekends, making it much easier for you to obtain your ID during hours that work around your schedule, rather than trying to work within limited MVD state office hours.

Once our customer service team members have reviewed all of your documentation and completed the application process with you, you can expect your new, federally approved Arizona Travel ID in the mail in approximately 15 days.

See a full list of acceptable required documents needed to obtain your Arizona Travel ID at AZ Auto here.