Distracted Driving in Arizona: Common Causes and Solutions

Distracted Driving in Arizona

The number one cause of auto accidents attributed to driver error is distraction. You can keep yourself, your fellow passengers, and other drivers safe by learning the most common causes that lead to distracted driving and how you can avoid them.

Talking and Texting

You can likely guess one of the biggest causes for distraction for Arizona drivers, and drivers everywhere. You guessed it, it’s your cellphone.

Talking and texting while you drive is probably the most dangerous thing people now routinely do. If you asked any driver ten years ago, if they thought they would type on a keyboard while speeding down the interstate, they would have thought that was absurd. Now almost everyone does it, even though they know they shouldn’t.

The solution to this? Turn your phone off while you drive. Or at the very least, use voice commands and Bluetooth. But seriously, just get off the phone while you drive.


Another new technology that has made our lives better is GPS. For those of us who can remember needing to carry maps around in the glove compartment, GPS has made driving easier in many ways.

But that robot voice commanding your every turn can also be distracting. It can lead to distraction if you’re glancing down at the GPS map.

So, how can you make your GPS do its job without drawing too much of your attention away from the road? Programing your destination before you begin driving is a great start. If you have another passenger, put them in charge of the GPS. Also, never blindly follow the GPS without looking at the road. You don’t want to be the guy or girl who drives off a bridge, just because the GPS was wrong and you listened to it anyway.

Adjusting Controls

Vehicles come with a lot of controls, more so than in the past. Now you can adjust so many different knobs and buttons (or more likely press touchscreens) in your car. This can lead to a lot of distractions while you’re driving. If you can, adjust things like the volume of the music system, your air conditioner, etc. in a convenient place while keeping your eyes on the road. It’s not a great thing to be doing while driving.

One solution to this is making sure that everything is in order and in place before you even begin driving. Make sure the mirrors are adjusted correctly, the seat is comfy and the air conditioning is set to where you will want it for the duration of your travel. Take time to find the channel you want to listen to on the radio or find the podcast episode you will listen to on Bluetooth before you begin your drive.

Distracting Yourself

You can’t safely put on makeup while you drive. This is a fact. You have to look at the mirror for the most part when you’re doing this. That means you aren’t looking at the road. We all hope this isn’t a newsflash for anyone reading this, and yet, we know it is.

This isn’t a tough thing to figure out how to fix. Put makeup on before you begin driving or wait until you arrive at your destination and finish it up there.

You also can’t eat your dinner while driving safely. Many of us try it anyway. The solution? Eat before or after you get behind the wheel.

Talking to Passengers

Of course, you can talk to people in your car. That won’t cause too much of a distraction. But it is true, that the best time for a very in-depth conversation probably isn’t when you’re simultaneously trying to listen to the GPS, while the radio is blaring and attempting to negotiate an offramp at the same time.

Solutions include not getting into conversations that are going to lead you too far away from paying attention to the important task of driving.

Coverage for Distracted Driving Incidents

When accidents do happen, make sure that you’re adequately covered. You live in a world where there are more and more opportunities to become distracted while driving, and even if you practice good driving behavior, others won’t do the same. Visit our auto insurance page to learn more.