Helpful Resources about Local Arizona Roads

Cars driving on a highway.

Countless online resources are dedicated to showcasing road trip destinations, the most scenic routes, and highway travel within the state of Arizona. This is thanks to the vast amount of beautiful landscape popular among locals as well as tourists. And when drivers head out in unfamiliar territory here, there is more to consider than just the traffic conditions. It’s important to be informed about other factors that will affect your trip, from extreme weather conditions to the varying climates.

It helps to know where to find all the information you need before heading out the door. GPS is a great tool that no Arizona driver should be without. Apps like Google Maps and Maze are very helpful for providing the quickest routes. However, there are other useful places to look when searching for helpful tidbits about which roads to take – and what to check out along the way.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Arguably the most important resource you’ll need when it comes to local road information is the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The website provides the latest on everything from traffic closures to winter driving tips. Be sure to download ADOT’s mobile app for access to the latest information on events impacting drivers on state highways, including real-time updates on incidents and delays. If an accident causes a jam on your way to work, you’ll quickly be able to access alternate routes and avoid backups.

There’s also a social upside to exploring the site. Be an environmentally conscious resident and help beautify the roads by contributing to the state’s Adopt a Highway Program. Volunteers and sponsors alike contribute to efforts that help remove litter and improve landscaping along roughly 2,000 miles of the state’s highways each year.

Historic and Scenic Roads in Arizona

Did you know Arizona is home to 26 state-designated scenic roads, including historic roads and parkways, or landscaped thoroughfares. Next time you want a change of scenery, check one of them out! You might be treated to a picturesque waterway, awe-inspiring rock formations, or other attributes you won’t experience on Interstate 10 in downtown Phoenix.

Arizona’s more popular scenic roads include:

  • Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road
  • Gila-Pinal Scenic Road
  • Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road
  • Dry Creek Scenic Road

The state’s many historic roads offer a different kind of unique experience. Explore one of these if you appreciate traits that are of historical importance to the state or region’s cultural heritage – like sites of notable explorations and historic settlements. Here are the three historic roads you need to know about:

  1. Apache Trail Historic Road
  2. Jerome-Clarkdale-Cottonwood Historic Road
  3. Historic Route 66 (Topock to Ash Fork and Ash Fork to Lupton)

Driving in Indian Reservations

The state of Arizona is home to 22 sovereign American Indian communities. When driving in Navajo Nation, the San Carlos Apache Reservation, or one of the many other indigenous territories, the Arizona Office of Tourism is a helpful source of information. If you plan to drive to an Arizona reservation you’ll want to map out your route in advance. The main tribal roads are paved, but secondary roads might be graded and graveled. Travel off recognized and numbered roads is generally discouraged.

Before leaving, it’s always a good idea to inquire locally about road conditions, as well. Follow backcountry safety advice to ensure you’re protecting yourself from the elements. And keep in mind that openings and closures of tribal lands are subject to change. Look for local guides that can provide additional insights about road conditions and other details that could impact your travel plans.

Information About Riding Off Road

Let’s not forget that some remote driving experiences take place off road. Arizona is home to many off-road areas that are perfect for taking in natural wonders. If you own an off highway vehicle (OHV) or all terrain vehicle (ATV), there’s a whole world of trails, canyons, and desert stretches worth exploring.

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