Is a Voluntary Travel ID a Driver’s License?

Arizona Voluntary Travel ID Driver’s License

If you’ve traveled by plane recently, you may have noticed signs declaring that as of October 2020, you won’t be permitted to fly without a Voluntary Travel ID or another acceptable form of identification such as a passport. But what is a Voluntary Travel ID? Is it just another driver’s license? Arizona has started offering a voluntary ID that meets REAL ID Act requirements. Arizonans have the option now to obtain a Voluntary Travel ID.

What is the Real ID Act?

After the events of 9/11, congress sought to raise the standards by which forms of identification were obtained. From these efforts, the Real ID Act was born and passed in 2005, establishing minimum security standards for state-issued identification cards and driver’s licenses.

Created to eliminate airline terrorism, the Real ID Act increases the amount of documents required to obtain access to domestic planes and prohibits federal agencies from accepting identification cards and driver’s licenses that don’t meet the standards set forth.

Eliminating Identification Forgery

In order to obtain a Real ID, you will be required to show more paperwork regarding proof of residency and your social security number. The cards themselves are built using new technology to also assist it making it more difficult for forgery. When applying for your Real ID, you will need to have these things handy:

  • Proof of legal presence (such as a passport or birth certificate)
  • Proof of social security number (such as your social security card, W-2, or most recent pay stub with your full social security number on it)
  • 2 forms of proof of residency (such as a recent utility bill, mortgage or bank statement, tax document, or voter’s registration card) full name and your physical address, not a PO Box
  • A full list of Arizona ID requirements is available as a PDF and updated frequently

Each document must be an original as copies are not permitted to obtain a Voluntary Travel ID (Real ID).

Will My Driver’s License Be Replaced by a Real ID?

You have the option to opt out of the Voluntary Travel ID (Real ID). By doing so, you will not be able to travel via plane without a passport, and your driver’s license or identification card will read “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION”.

However, if you choose not to opt out, then your driver’s license will be replaced by a Voluntary Travel ID. Your Voluntary Travel ID can be used for identification purposes whenever needed and also serves as your driver’s license. In Arizona, your Voluntary Travel ID will come featured with a gold star at the top to signify it is within the standards set by congress.

Get Your Arizona Voluntary Travel ID (Real ID) at AZ Auto

At AZ Auto, no appointment is necessary to obtain your Voluntary Travel ID. Simply stop by any of our convenient locations, and our customer service team will assist you in reviewing all your documentation to ensure you have everything you need. Your new, federally approved Voluntary Travel ID will be mailed to you in approximately 15 days. Our locations are open evenings as well as Saturdays. Find an AZ Auto near you.