Most Common Moving Violations in the U.S.

A driver getting written up for a ticket.

No one wants to see lights flashing behind them as they’re asked to pull over their vehicle. Yet getting a moving violation is extremely common for drivers who rack up hours on the road. Whether you’re in a rush or simply not paying attention, if you run afoul of the law there is a chance you will be financially penalized and have that violation on your record.

Before getting behind the wheel, it’s always a good idea for drivers to keep in mind that there are many moving violations to avoid. Otherwise, you may get caught up in the moment and make a mistake you’ll regret.

Speeding (Aided by Speed Cameras)

Last year Chicago drivers got more speed tickets than there are city residents – amounting to $245,331 issued in fines each day. Perhaps it’s not surprising, as speeding is by far the most common moving violation around the country, as well. Since it can lead to accidents and cause bodily injury to you, your passengers, and others, this is a habit many folks should get under control.

Most people go above the speed limit now and then by a few miles per hour, but it’s a habit that easily gets out of hand. Tens of millions of drivers receive speeding tickets each year. The amount you might be fined depends on how many miles over the limit you’re traveling, what state you’re in, and if you were driving in a construction or school zone.

Disobeying Signs and Red Lights

Too many auto accidents are caused by drivers running red lights or disobeying signs telling them to stop, yield, or something else to keep pedestrians safe. These types of infractions lead to hundreds of deaths every year, not to mention the cost and inconvenience of property damage.

Thanks to the increased reliance on red light cameras, the rate of ticketing for these violations has gone up exponentially in some areas. But even if there isn’t a camera pointing at an intersection, is it ever worth it to risk causing yourself and others bodily harm? Simply damaging your own vehicle can be an enormous hassle, as fixing it can involve phone calls to your auto insurer, bringing your car to a mechanic, and using other forms of transportation while it gets fixed.

Better to stay alert and steer clear of this all-too-common violation.

Driving While Texting or Talking on Your Phone/Mobile Device

Cell phone tickets are among the more recent moving violations to watch out for, and they can carry a variety of penalties. Many states have adopted a penalty point system, similar to a demerit point system, in which your driver’s license can be canceled or suspended if you accumulate a certain amount of points over a period of time. According to TheZebra, cell phone violations can cause your auto insurance premiums to go up 21%, although increases may vary based on state and level of infraction.

Like other violations, there can be compounded costs. Not only do you end up paying a ticket, but you may need to cough up cash for a lawyer to represent you in court. Between paying higher insurance rates – or having to find alternative means of transportation – it pays more to be careful and avoid this violation!

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