MVD ADOT AUTHORIZED THIRD PARTY Offices offers business as usual. No Changes in How MVD Handles Titles & License Plates

In December, the Arizona Department of Transportation sent out a press release regarding MVD changes that caused a lot of confusion among residents across the state. Any changes in processing license plates, title transfers, issuing Travel ID’s, driver road tests, will be minor and are delayed for many months. You will still need to complete most transactions at an Authorized Third Party Provider for ADOT MVD -AZ AUTO.

While you may have thought the MVD changes meant that Authorized Third Party locations were closing, that is not the case. In fact, you will still want to visit your local and convenient Authorized Third Party office open evenings and weekends for MVD services.

Here’s why:

Arizona Residents Must Still Visit an Authorized Third Party MVD to Obtain Updated License Plates, Vehicle Registration, Title Changes, TRAVEL ID / TRAVEL DRIVER LICENSE and More

Up until now, when you’ve walked into a Third Party MVD to conduct your license and registration needs in the state of Arizona, you would receive everything at the time of your visit.

At some time in future, some items will be mailed after you complete your transactions or services.

However, you must still visit a Third Party MVD to obtain these items through the mail.

All registration documents and license plate tabs will be mailed when the changes take effect. When you renew, your record will be updated instantly and a receipt will be proof of registration until your new registration arrives in the mail. This change has been delayed, and no date has been established.

Paper License Plates Will Be Given with MVD, Authorized Third Party Changes – Permanent Plates to Arrive in Mail

“The MVD needs to be well-positioned for the growth of e-commerce,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser Richards. “Distributing items such as license plates, tabs, title work and other documents allows us to prepare for the growing demand for fulfilling customer orders through the mail as MVD continues to increase the number of services available online, anytime.”

For customers getting a license plate, the upcoming change will also mean the plate number will be entered into the customer’s service file and the temporary plate issued at the office will have the same number as the permanent plate being mailed.

You will receive a paper license plate at the MVD, with your permanent plate arriving in the mail shortly after.

You Can Use Your Off-Highway Vehicle Decal Immediately with Receipt But Your Decal will Come in the Mail Later

If you’re looking to purchase an Off-Highway Vehicle decal, you’ll still be able to use your off-highway vehicle the same day. Make sure to keep the receipt at the time of purchase to prove the decals have been purchased until receiving your new decal via mail.

MVD Changes will be announced April 2020, no date established.

When the MVD changes were originally announced in December 2019, it was planned for these new changes to take effect January 20, 2020.

What You Need to Do to Prepare for the New MVD Changes

The only thing you can do to prepare for the new MVD changes coming after April 2020 is to verify that your address is current and complete with both the U.S. Postal Service and the MVD.Other than that -business as usual.

To learn more about AZ AUTO, an authorized Third Party provider for the Arizona Department of Transportation, click here.

AZ Auto locations will still be needed and open to serve you both evenings and weekends. Find your nearest AZ Auto.