Top Arizona RV Destinations

If you’re a snowbird looking to expand your vacationing territory into Arizona, we have a few recommendations on the top four Arizona RV destinations in the state.

Arizona Watercraft Registration and Boating Safety Tips

Despite being a landlocked state with a large percentage of desert landscape, Arizona has its fair share of magnificent lakes and rivers that are perfect for boating. But before you hit the water, be sure that you are doing so legally and safely with a watercraft registration and these boating safety tips.

Helping Your Teen Prep for Driving this Summer

AZ Auto is sharing some tips to help your teen prep for driving this summer.

Coronavirus and Your Arizona Driver’s License

With the coronavirus pandemic still causing business delays across the country, many Arizonans with expired or soon-to-be expired driver’s licenses might be wondering how this affects them. We’re filling you in on all the details you need to know about the changes that are taking place regarding your Arizona driver’s license.

AZ AUTO 4 Day Temporary Closure
April 17th – April 22nd

NOTICE: Starting Friday, April 17th at 3:00PM AZ Auto Locations will be temporarily closed for 4 days to undergo system updates. All MVD STATE OFFICES, THIRD PARTY SERVICES and Service WILL BE CLOSED. The replacement of an obsolete computer system will require a complete shutdown of all Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division […]

Deadline to Get An Arizona Travel ID Extended to 2021

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the October 1, 2020 deadline for Arizonans to get their Arizona Travel ID has been extended to next year, October 1, 2021 . Arizona Travel IDs Are Not Required, but Recommended You are not required by law to obtain an Arizona Travel ID, but it is highly recommended. After […]

Why use an ARIZONA ADOT MVD Authorized 3rd Party Location for Your Vehicle and Driver License Needs?

Arizona ADOT MVD authorized third party locations are ideal for any and all license and vehicle needs. In fact, you’ll find authorized third parties like AZ Auto have even more conveniences available to you as a customer.

MVD ADOT AUTHORIZED THIRD PARTY Offices offers business as usual. No Changes in How MVD Handles Titles & License Plates

While you may have thought the upcoming MVD changes recently announced mean that Third Party MVD’s are closing, that is not the case. In fact, you will still need to see the MVD for all your license and registration needs. Here’s why:

What You Need to Know About Teens Getting Their First Arizona Driver’s License or Permit

Arizona teens can start driving at age 15 ½. Before they can get their unrestricted driver’s license, they’ll need to get a graduated instruction permit first and then later a graduated driver’s license.

New to Arizona? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re new to Arizona, there are things you need to do when becoming a resident. Here’s what you need to know: