Top 4 Places in Arizona to Ride Your Off Road Vehicle

superstition mountains arizona

If you own an off road vehicle, Arizona is the perfect place for you to be! Arizona laws make it possible for you to enjoy exploring the great outdoors while also getting to experience the fun and excitement of doing so with your off road vehicle. We’ve rounded up the top 4 places in Arizona for you to ride, so whether you’re passing through for a visit or here to stay, you can take in the true natural wonders our state has to offer.

#1 Box Canyon OHV Trail

Located near Florence, Arizona, Box Canyon OHV Trail includes scenic views and is a perfect place to take your off road vehicle. At the southern end of this 20.4 mile long trail, you’ll find a narrow canyon. With trails that wind and twist through the beautiful foothills and down through the canyon, you’re likely to want to come back again and again.

Find out more about visiting Box Canyon OHV Trail.

#2 White Pocket Off Road Vehicle Trail

Hidden within the desert expanse of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, White Pocket features a beautiful stretch of sandstone that is breathtaking to behold. Located near the Utah/Arizona border, this remote location offers an off road experience you’ll never forget.

Learn more about what to expect when visiting White Pocket with your off road vehicle.

#3 Apache Trail

This historic trail is located just two hours outside of Phoenix and runs from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Lake. Take in the incredible scenery as you weave your way just south of the Superstitions, traveling both above and into the Salt River Valley, all the while, basking in glorious views of Canyon Lake and Apache Lake.

Plan your off road vehicle trip to Apache Trail.

#4 Montana Mountain OHV Trail

This 43.8 mile trail is the perfect high desert loupe route for off road vehicles. This trail will take you over 5,000 feet up where you can enjoy panoramic views of the desert and mountains. Escape for the day to the beautiful wilderness you’ll find at Montana Mountain.

Learn more about Montana Mountain OHV Trail.

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