What is an Arizona OHV Decal for?

Do you have an Off Road Vehicle such as a dirt bike or ATV? If so, you need an Arizona OHV decal. An OHV (off-highway vehicle) decal is an annual sticker applied to your license plate that allows you to operate your Off Road Vehicle on public and state trust lands.

What Qualifies as an Off-Highway Vehicle in Arizona?

According to Arizona Game & Fish, OHV vehicles in Arizona are classified as “any motor vehicle operated on unimproved roads, trails and approved use areas not suitable for conventional two-wheel-drive travel”. This can include vehicles such as dirt bikes, ATCs, ATVs, “Side by Sides”, trail motorcycles, and more.

In order to obtain an Arizona OHV decal, your Off Road Vehicle should meet both of these criteria:

  • Must weigh 2,500 pounds or less
  • Must have been designed by the manufacturer primarily for travel over unimproved terrain

It’s important to note that even a “street legal” vehicle must maintain an Arizona OHV decal if it meets these two criteria.

Which License Plate Do I Need for My Off-Road Vehicle?

Depending on which OHV you own will depend on which license plate you’ll need.

For recreational vehicles, you’ll need an RV plate.

Recreational Vehicles are 100% off road. These vehicles are not allowed on any maintained roads and require a trailer to transport them to the location you are going to be riding at. Because they are not rideable on any maintained road, insurance is not required.

For motorcycles, you’ll need a MC plate.

Motorcycles can be either primarily off-road or on-road vehicles. They do require insurance as well as a yearly registration renewal.

No matter the type of license plate you require, come in to Arizona Auto License Services, and we can help you find the best license plate for registering your Off-Highway Vehicle.

How Long is My Arizona OHV Decal Good for?

Your Arizona OHV decal is valid for one year from the date of purchase. This means if you purchase your OHV decal in July of this year, it remains valid through the end of July next year.

Please note: You may be eligible for reduced vehicle license tax as well as a waived registration fee if your Off Road Vehicle is operated primarily off-highway.

Need a Title for Your Off-Road Vehicle or Motorcycle?

Some states do not tile ATC’S & ATV’S. We can help you get a title so you are able to get plates and the OHV decal. Visit one of our locations and we will review how this works for a “Defective Bond Title”. An Inspection will be needed, along with other fees. Fees vary, depending on the situation.

Stop by today and get your Arizona OHV decal so you can enjoy summer fun off-roading! Find your nearest Arizona Auto License Services.