Electric Vehicle (EV) Range Anxiety – And What to Do About It


When you think about buying an electric car, are you hit with a wave of range anxiety? This term describes the fear that an EV’s battery won’t have enough charge to reach its destination, leaving the occupants stranded. As the US aims for half of new car sales to be electric by 2030, more drivers will want answers to this question.

So how much of the worry is real, and what can be done about it?

What Is Meant by Electric Vehicle “Range”

Drivers of electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles have to fuel up so they can continue moving forward, only for them the fuel takes the form of electricity. So, how far will powering up your  battery take you? EV drivers can expect an average of 250 miles in a single charge. But just as with gas-powered vehicles, there is a very broad range when it comes to a car’s capacity, depending on its size, weight and other factors.

Battery Versus Gas: Which Car Can Go Farther?

For some perspective, many traditional cars can go about the same distance as an EV before conking out. But again, it varies. A small car might only make it 40 miles on its limited tank of gas, whereas some SUVs can take you 300 or even 400 miles on just one tank.

So, no  matter what you drive, you’ll have to live with the possibility that it could run out of either gas or battery power. Always be sure you know how much juice your vehicle needs to get you to your destination.

Should You Be Worried About EV Chargers?

Perhaps the main reason for EV range concerns stems from people not knowing if there will be a charger when they need it. There is already an existing network for gas cars, so concerns about EV charger availability are understandable, particularly in remote or rural locations.

However, this landscape is changing rapidly. According to the U.S. government, there are over 130,000 public chargers across the country, powering up more than three million EVs on the road. Some drivers have their own chargers at home. The government is planning to create a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers along highways and in communities to address the shortage, prepare for more EVs on the road, and make people feel more comfortable buying into this new system.

Find Other Ways to Extend Your Range, Reduce EV Car Cost

Looking for the right car can bring up a lot of questions, no matter the type or model you’re considering. By getting clear on your priorities (and concerns), you may be able to eliminate them simply by taking a closer look at your situation:

  1. Do you drive in areas where charging stations are available?
  2. How often do you take long rides out of state?
  3. Are you willing to invest in an in-home charger – or a vehicle with a more powerful and longer lasting battery?

Answering these types of questions will help remove some of the anxiety by clarifying which options are realistic.

U.S./Local Governments Providing Financial Assistance for Drivers of Electric Cars

While weighing your options, keep in mind that there may be federal assistance available to help you afford your new electric car. Check out the federal Qualified Plug-In Electric-Drive Motor Vehicle Tax Credit for information on tax credits and other assistance.

The rules and incentives are evolving. But potential incentives for using or purchasing an electric vehicle ranges from thousands of dollars in tax credits for new EV purchases to a reduced vehicle license tax in Arizona, and include parking privileges and HOV freeway lane privileges. Won’t it be nice to be exempt from emissions testing requirements?

Certain states and electric utility providers offer incentives for customers to cut down on their gas consumption. Some tax credits may depend on the size and battery capacity of your car. Check out this online laws and incentives database for more information.

Auto Insurance Quotes for Battery-Powered Hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV) in Arizona

No matter your choice in vehicle, be sure you have the proper insurance plan to cover your needs. If you have any questions about how owning and driving an EV might change your insurance needs, contact an insurance agent to discuss your options. There are many insurance options. An agent at AZ Auto can help ensure that you have the best plan to protect your whole family.

Want to find out more about insuring and protecting your vehicle? Call AZ Auto today for a FREE insurance quote today!

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