How to Transfer A Mobile Home Title in Arizona

There are several things you should verify before ever handing over any funds for your purchase of a mobile home. The following can be verified at Arizona Auto License Service.

Verify that all title(s) being offered for the mobile home are the most current ones.

A mobile home that is not permanently affixed to real property must be titled by the MVD. 

We can assist with the completion of the MVD affidavit of affixture for a mobile home that has been attached to real property. We can also complete the un-affixture process to restore the MVD title if it has been detached from real property..

We can also assist if you wish to convert a mobile home to a travel trailer.


If the mobile home that you are buying is from out of state and was manufactured before June 15, 1976, you must have it inspected to verify that it meets the minimum fire and safety guidelines established by the Arizona Office of Manufactured Homes and obtain a certificate of compliance


The Seller of a mobile home is responsible to notify the County Tax Assessor’s Office to protect themselves from the assessment of ongoing annual taxes in the event that the Buyer does not transfer the title.

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