Vehicle & Mobile Home Titles

Whether you have an Arizona title or out of state title, we can change ownership and issue a new Arizona title, registration, and license plate to new owners

Titles, Registration Documents and License Plate Tabs

All titles, registration documents and license plate tabs are mailed and no longer printed at MVD or authorized third party offices. A temporary plate may be issued, and the metal plate will be mailed.

When you renew your record is updated instantly, and your receipt is your proof of registration.

You can request a paper title for reasons such as moving out of state.

Be sure your mailing address is current and complete with the U.S. Postal Service and MVD on your Arizona Driver’s License.

Buying A Car

You have 15 days to get your new or used car registered. To do that, you’ll need:

Selling A Car

Responsibilities of the Seller:

***Personalized plates may be transferred to another vehicle. Be sure and bring the plate with you.

If you are selling a car, we will check the Motor Vehicle Service system and verify:

***In Arizona, the title no longer requires a notary or MVD Agent to witness the seller signature as of October 2022. However, If you are selling to an out-of-state buyer, we recommend you come in so we can notarize the title to prevent problems in a different state. Your buyer’s state may not be aware of this recent change.

Sold Notice

A Sold Notice is free and should be completed within 10 calendar days of selling, trading in, donating or otherwise transferring ownership of a vehicle. This notice may help protect you from liability if the vehicle is used for criminal activity, involved in an accident, ticketed, or abandoned ($500 fee). A Sold Notice is also required to obtain a license plate refund.

When selling your vehicle, we will assist you to ensure all sold vehicle transactions are complete. When you sell a vehicle, we recommend the seller and buyer visit us together for a smooth process.

Plate Refund

A refund is not automatically sent to you when you sell your vehicle. When you sell your vehicle, you may have a plate refund available. You must complete the Sold Notice or a Plate Registration Refund will not be available.

Your refund will be pro-rated based on the request date, so be sure you request this immediately, to maximize your refund.

Plate credits are not available to transfer to another vehicle during a title transfer or for renewal. If you move out of state, a refund will not be available to you and will not be sent to an out-of-state address.

Duplicate Title

Can’t find your vehicle title? If the title was once in your name and you’ve lost it, you can get a duplicate title at AZ Auto.

We can prepare and notarize a Title Transfer Bill of Sale Affidavit that may be used instead of an Arizona title. Titles in Arizona are now created electronically and not automatically mailed to the owner. A paper title may be requested.

Bonded Titles

If you never had a title for the vehicle or if the title is defective in some way, you’ll have to apply for a bonded title. We can help you through the process and can provide defective title bonds.

If you have purchased a trailer, boat trailer, all terrain vehicle (ATV), motorcycle (MC), or old project vehicle with no title, we can help.

Many states do not title trailers and certain vehicles, so we can help with those situations as well. This will require an inspection, which our office can assist you with. Walk in’s welcome are to minimize your wait time make an appointment.

Title Transfers

Whether you have an Arizona title, title bill of sale or out-of-state title, we can change ownership and issue a new Arizona title, registration, and license plate to new owners. 

Arizona title transfers need to be completed within 15 days from the sale date to avoid penalty. You will want to see if you need emission testing to complete the transfer. You will leave with the coated temporary plate and registration. Metal plates and registrations are mailed now from the MVD central distribution processing center. All titles are now stored as an electronic record and will not be mailed unless requested.

We can assist you with mobile home title transfers at any of our office locations. Bring in your documents for a new mobile home, park model, or a previously titled mobile home to be transferred to your name. A Bill of Sale may be required. Service only available between 9am-6pm Monday through Saturday.

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